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MD5 Jaws Callaway
MD5 Jaws Callaway
MD5 Jaws Callaway
MD5 Jaws Callaway
MD5 Jaws Callaway
MD5 Jaws Callaway
MD5 Jaws Callaway
MD5 Jaws Callaway

MD5 Jaws

price1 699 kr
Callaway Jaws have innovative Jaws grooves which have been developed using Callaway’s tried and tested Groove-in-Groove technology to give more spin for precise control.
MD5 Jaws
price1 699 kr
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Crafted by Roger Cleveland, these premium heads radiate quality while also giving a soft and satisfying feel. The wedges come in two different finishes: Platinum Chrome and Tour Grey. JAWS MD5 wedges are available in 23 different loft / bounce combinations with 5 different grind options: C-Grind and new Low Bounce W-Grind has an 8º bounce. S-Grind has a 10º bounce and X-Grind and W-Grind have a 12º bounce. Also available in ladies’ models: 52º, 56º and 60º all in W-Grind.
  • GenderMale
46°10°S-Grind64.00°35.75"D3RH Only
48°10°S-Grind64.00°35.75"D3RH Only
50°10°S-Grind64.00°35.50"D3RH / LH
50°12°W-Grind64.00°35.50"D3RH Only
52°10°S-Grind64.00°35.50"D3RH / LH
52°12°W-Grind64.00°35.50"D3RH Only
54°C-Grind64.00°35.25"D4RH Only
54°10°S-Grind64.00°35.25"D4RH Only
54°12°W-Grind64.00°35.25"D4RH Only
56°C-Grind64.00°35.25"D4RH Only
56°10°S-Grind64.00°35.25"D4RH Only
56°12°W-Grind64.00°35.25"D4RH / LH
58°C-Grind64.00°35.00"D4RH Only
58°L/W-Grind64.00°35.00"D4RH / LH
58°10°S-Grind64.00°35.00"D4RH / LH
58°12°W-Grind64.00°35.00"D4RH / LH
58°12°X-Grind64.00°35.00"D4RH / LH
60°C-Grind64.00°35.00"D4RH / LH
60°L/W-Grind64.00°35.00"D4RH / LH
60°10°S-Grind64.00°35.00"D4RH / LH
60°12°W-Grind64.00°35.00"D4RH / LH
60°12°X-Grind64.00°35.00"D4RH / LH
Callaway jaws grepp
Callaway jaws grepp