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King F9S - Steel/Graphite Cobra
King F9S - Steel/Graphite Cobra

King F9S - Steel/Graphite

discounted pricefr.4 699 kroriginal price6 999 kr
Cobra King F9S is a game-improving iron with a slightly larger design to be more forgiving and generate powerful distance.
King F9S - Steel/Graphite
discounted price4 699 kroriginal price6 999 kr
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Distance-improving F9S irons have a large design in which the mass has been moved to the sides and back to give a low centre of gravity that increases the ball speed and launch angle for optimal distance. Speedback technology with tungsten weights in the heel and toe give added stability and make the club forgiving. The sole design channels more energy to the ball when struck and creates a higher ball flight and more ball speed. The shorter hosel in the 5 and 6 iron lowers the centre of gravity for a higher launch angle and greater distance, while the longer hosel in the shorter irons raises the centre of gravity for a lower, more controllable trajectory.
Milled face and grooves., a CNC milled face has been introduced in a game-improving iron to produce a completely flat surface, precise grooves and exact lofts which gives maximum spin and trajectory control.
Progressive Spin Tech, precision-milled V grooves on 5i to 7i reduce the amount of spin for longer hang time and distance. U grooves on 8i to PW optimise the amount of spin for better control and aim.
  • Design ColorSilver-Black
  • GenderMale
  • Irons5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - PW
  • ShaftSteel/Graphite
  • Club constructionCast
KlubbaLoftLieLängdSvingvikt stålSvingvikt grafitFattning
Fujikura Atmos
Fujikura Atmos
SkaftFlexViktKick PunktBollbana
Fujikura Atmos 6Stiff66 gMidMid
Fujikura Atmos 6Regular63 gMidMid
Fujikura Atmos 6Senior62 gMidMid
KBS Tour 90Stiff102 gMid-LowMid-High
KBS Tour 90Regular95 gMid-LowMid-High
KBS Tour V 90
KBS Tour V 90
SkaftFlexViktKick PunktBollbana
Fujikura Atmos 6 One LengthRegular63 gMidMid
KBS Tour 80Regular100 gMid-LowMid-High
KBS Tour 90Regular95 gMid-LowMid-High
KBS Tour WedgeRegular110 gMid-LowMid-High
Cobra Lamkin Crossline Black
Cobra Lamkin Crossline Black